Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Joyful Homemaker’s Checklist

The joyful Christian homemaker has her
priorities. They should be the following:
1. God
2. Husband
3. Children
4. Home
5. Personal growth
In order to keep peace and joy in the home, the
homemaker often needs a list to refer to. If you
don’t already have a “Joyful Christian
Homemaker’s List,” then use the following list,
and change it to your family’s personal modus
_ Take 15 or more minutes of quiet time with
the Lord and read at least 3 chapters from
the Bible
_ Put on a nice dress, do your hair, and look
pretty for your hard-working husband
_ Cook a delicious and nutritious breakfast
for your family – send your husband to
work feeling good from eating a great
_ Have a morning devotional with your
family. Why not read the chapter of
Proverbs that corresponds with the day’s
~_ Clean up the kitchen after each meal. Your
children should help you, and have
assigned table chores

_ Have a family Bible study
_ Cleaning chores – have your children do
their cleaning chores. Be a diligent worker,
and work with a smile on your face.

_ Make sure your children get baths
sometime today
_ Make lunch
_ Homeschool time – if you homeschool your
children, enjoy it. Personally, it’s my
favorite time of day.
_ Exercise
_ Everyone should have some quiet time for
about an hour
_ Dinner
_ Have some family fun time
_ Have some family read aloud time – pick
out a great old classic to read together as a
family. The Pilgrim’s Progress is a
wonderful choice.
_ Tuck in your children with bedtime stories,
prayers, and singing; “Jesus Loves Me” is a
great song. Cheer and clap with the
children after singing “Jesus Loves Me.”
It lifts their spirits, and prepares their
hearts for Godly slumber, and joy in the
_ Spend some time with your husband –
maybe you two should have a home date
after the children are in the bed.

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