Monday, June 25, 2007

Fresh Baked White Bread

The third loaf had not gotten buttered yet.

Look how fluffy and aerated the center is.

This recipe makes two loaves of bread, however I made three out of it. The big loaf for Daddy's sandwiches and the smaller loaves for our sandwiches.

After giving away one loaf and eating a half of a loaf while it was fresh out of the oven, this is what we are left with.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Nine years ago you made me the happiest woman in the world. Today you are still doing the same thing. I could have searched 1000 years and would have never found a man that completes me the way you do. Thank you for 9 years of happiness and I am looking forward to 99 more. I praise God every single day we have as man and wife. I Love You!

Your loving wife and help meet, Amanda

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy.

We love you!!


CJ, Nick, & Momma

Monday, June 11, 2007

Another Successful Day at the Gowan's

Let me ask you a question. What does "successful" mean to you? A great job, a new home, a late model car, name brand clothes? Let me tell you my definition of "successful".


This morning, I got up, fixed breakfast, and greeted my husband at the door with some loving. We woke the children, ate breakfast (together), cleaned up the kitchen, and loved on Daddy some more. Daddy went to bed, we picked up the rest of the house, read a couple articles on respect and honor, and started baking a loaf of bread. We cleaned up our mess from bread baking, played outside, picked up the yard, and walked 1/2 mile. Came in for lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, and went back outside to weed the garden. By the way, I put beans in the crock pot last night to soak and turned them on this morning. They are ready to eat and the bread is baked. All I have left to do is make some mac and cheese and put pork chops in the oven to bake.


But, now it's time for Daddy to get up. Let's go give him some more loving and make sure he knows we are glad he's awake.


The children have had a great day with Momma and Momma has had a great day with the children. I am so proud of them. All they want is to spend every waking moment with me (and Daddy when he is off work.) Hummm, I'm starting to think I'm quite a cool mom for them to desire my time so greatly.


That is a successful day in the life of Momma Gowan.




Thursday, June 7, 2007

Baking Chocolate Pie with the Girls

Boy do I know how much you'd love to have my chocolate pie recipe. Well, I am sorry. I got it from my mom and she got it from an old lady she use to work with. She asked my mom not to share it. She claimed only her mother had the recipe and so that is how I ended up with the best chocolate pie recipe to ever hit these parts. However, here we are baking that secret chocolate pie.

Here I am getting the recipe started.

Here is my niece lending a helping hand with the stirring.

Here is CJ finishing it up.

I pray that one day she serves her husband as well as she serves her daddy.

I have faith in the Lord to give her the desire to please her future mate.



(Proud Momma)