Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My BIG God

As the tears roll, I sit here writing my thoughts on my God. My BIG God, that is. I wonder why I ever questioned God. I wonder why ever doubted Him. He is such a BIG God. I will always and forever trust and have faith in my BIG God. He has done so much for my family. He never fails to meet all of our needs. When I feel like no one knows how I feel or no one can relate to my problems, God knows. He is always there for me. He always comes through just in time. When the trials of marriage arise or the tasks of motherhood seem to never be accomplished, he's always there to see me through those times. When will I have time to do that? How will we pay this? All of these problems are trivial for my BIG God. So, when all seem hopeless, turn to my BIG God. Nothing is impossible for Him. Praise God.


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