Sunday, July 12, 2009

2003 Sunnybrook Travel Trailor 33 ft. RV with **Slideout**FOR SALE!!!!!

2003 Sunnybrook Travel Trailor 33' with SLIDEOUT!!
Notice all of the cabinets.
There are cabinets
and closets all throughout the camper!!
Tons of storage space. This RV would be great
for a large family or a small family (like us)
that loves to have plenty of space to move around.
The SLIDEOUT makes the RV 3 feet wider.
The slideout extends from the right end of the couch (facing it) to the left side of the kitchen table (facing it)!! Your whole livingroom and kitchen
will be huge.
The kitchen has a bar extender that gives you more work space while
preparing your meals.


Anonymous said...

how much?

Laurie said...
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Amanda Gowan said...

We are asking $13,900.00 for the camper since that is the payoff of it. Thanks for looking.

The Gowans