Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some new pictures from 2010

My sweet sister in HaMashiach and me. Todah for being my best friend.
Picture taken by HananiYah.

An angel in disguise. *Smile*

My trip to CA with YKA.

My bestestest friend and me at the river.

My handsome prince charming with Momma.

HananiYah now has her permit. Yep....much riding for me insteading of driving. Now can relax and safely text to ya, YKA. hee hee.

My humerous JedidiYah playing around at the Dollar Tree. Too funny ya are...

HananiYah is cold while Daddy and JedidiYah are fishing.

My angel, JedidiYah.

This is me and the picture was taken by my HananiYah. Good job HananiYah. Ya well on your way to becoming a photographer.

My own self portrait. hee hee.

My dearest sweetest hubby in the universe cuddling with me on the couch.

My awesome hubby blowing the shofar to welcome in Sabbath.

This is my beautiful sis in HaMashiach and bestestestest friend in the universe!!!!! Sweet YKA!

This is my beautiful and very bright daughter, HananiYah.

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Marissa Hope said...

AWW I love the pictures I'm a friend of Hanniyah on Followers of Yah :) Beautiful Family