Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Frugal Thinking

As of January, 2008 we were debt free, except for our mortgage. It is the most comfortable feeling in the world. We had many trials through the past few years with money, however God saw us through it.

As I went through bill today, I wondered if there was more I could do to save money. After all everyone has utilities. But I wanted mine to be as low as possible.

I wash a load of clothes each day. Therefore, I use the dryer once a day as well. That is something I will do without unless I am made. LOL.

On my phone bill, I called and turned off the caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding. That saved my a total of $10.50 a month.

On my internet, I called and changed my package from the $44.44 package to the $29.95 package. The lady told me that people have told her that they can't tell a difference in the speed after changing packages. I will see as of tomorrow.

On my Direct TV, I called and changed from the Total Choice Plus to the Choice package. I also had my Starz disconnected since the same movies play over and over all month. I lost some channels, but no many. We hardly watch TV as it is. Daddy watches more than anyone because he likes movies.
While I was on the phone going over my package and bill, I realized that I was being charged an extra $4.99 a month for a fifth receiver that I never had. We actually only have four and have always had four. So, let's figure what I am now saving from Direct TV. Oh, they gave my Showtime free for a month and a $5.00 credit on my bill for three months. That puts me at saving... $20.00 a month.

There are always ways to save money if you look hard. I know we will not miss a thing that I had cut off. I hope this inspires you to look for ways to save at your house.


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