Friday, March 27, 2009

Journal Making

This is Hananyah's first handmade journal. She put sticky butterflies on the front because they match the butterfly fabric.
Pretty beads enhance the purple theme.
The elastic hold the journal together for a smooth look.

The binding is nice and tight.

This is Jedidyah's first handmade journal. He covered it with "Woody" fabric.

We put elastic around it from the back to keep the journal closed.

There are about 50 pages in his journal.

He is showing off his many blank pages that he can draw or write on.

OH, he has filled the first page with a picture of our house.
(Except we don't have a wood heater, yet :)

This is the back side of the journal.

We tied some brown twine around the binding of the book because it looks just like the rope on the fabric.

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