Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Shabbot Table

Our Shabbot meal begins at sundown on Sabbath.
Alot of people prefer to use their best dishes for the meal.
However, because Sabbath is our rest day, we don't want to have tons of dishes left over after Sabbath. So, we use paper plates for most of our meals during Sabbath.
We enjoy it just as much and we are left with little clean-up.
Here is a picture of our usual table before setting out the food.

(Above: Before sundown)

(Above: After sundown)
I strive to make sure to have dinner prepared before sundown
in order to stop all forms of work for Sabbath.
I am blessed to have a husband that shares the same convictions
to keep Yahweh's laws.
Most, if not all, lights go out before sundown and the lanterns and candles
are lit. Before the meal, Jeff blesses Hananyah and Jedidyah and then me.
He prays over the food and we enjoy a peaceful meal together.
We many nights we enjoy our meal with other brothers and sister.

Some would call us "bound."
I would beg the differ. Our decision to follow the law
(by the guiding of the Father) has been extremely FREEING!!
Our home is peaceful, joyous, and very blessed.
What more could you want for your family.
Open your heart and mind and get into your Word and see what the Father has for you.

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