Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tips for Safer Housekeeping

Steps to "Safer" Housekeeping

* Spray all doorknobs, light switches and knobs and wipe down. I used straight
vinegar in a spray bottle with several drops of lavender shaken in. You can use
alcohol, peroxide (more below) or a spray of tea tree oil and distilled water.

* Use peroxide on faucets, kitchen and bathroom sinks, counters, worktables,
tubs nad toilets.

* Dissolve Borax in clean water and wipe down doorways, appliance handles, wipe
down surfaces, and mop the floors.

* Adding tea tree oil, lavender, or eucalyptus oil in my laundry. I add a few to
several drops as the machine is filling with water.

I'm sure there is lots more but these are some basics I am doing around here.

Another thing:
I already wash my hands so much I have to keep lotion around and now that I'm
doing that even more, I need more. I've started rubbing a small piece of coconut
oil on my hands and between my fingers. Instant softness!



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