Saturday, December 18, 2010


November last year I started dieting and exercising. I got motivated to lose weight and try to have a healthy body and lifestyle.

My routine was to do (many) crunches and leg lifts each day. I began at 100 each day and now can easily do 600-700 each time (without stopping). I also started watching what I ate and I drank as much water as possible. I started at almost 250lbs. in November and at my lowest I was 150lbs 2 months ago.

Around September (three months ago) I felt really good about myself and decided to stop pushing myself so hard and I started to slack off of my exercising. I really enjoyed the taste of cold drinks again too. Wow! I noticed my weight coming back again and it was quicker than ever. I would tell myself, "I will start my exercising again tomorrow." I'd also notice myself not able to control my cravings for sweets anymore. I knew what was happening. Just like the studies say that if you lose alot of weight fast, you normally gain in all back and more quick. I don't want that. I want to keep it off. It's been over a year now and I've kept it off-most of it. I've gained back about 15-20 lbs. I'm now around 170lbs. Now for my height and size, I suppose that isn't too bad, but it certainly isn't too good either. I know what I'm capable of and that is what I now expect.

I did start exercising again last week. I see very little difference at this point which I know what to expect and the time frame to expect it in. I know not to expect drastic changes over night. However, I am buckling down to discipline myself to be strong in my faith that Yahweh wants me healthy. Certainly not for vain reasons, however, I do want to look my best for my husband. I want to be pleasing to him but mostly to Yahweh. I want to be used and I can't do that if I'm always sitting around the house and never want to leave because I'm embarrassed of my weight.

I didn't track my progress on my blog last year for the drastic weight loss, however I plan to from this point on. My next post will have my before and after pictures and more of my struggles along the way.

My prayer is that we all live healthy lifestyles for the high-esteem of Yahweh. Lastly, eating all clean foods has helped alot. We started eating only Scriptural clean foods more than 2 years ago. That makes a big difference in our health in the long run and it is most pleasing to Yahweh. (Pleasing Yahweh is the point of my life anyways.)

So, work with me and start a new lifestyle at this point. I will not guarantee you all pleasing numbers on the scale, nor will I guarantee you no pain. But, I will say this....


This is what the sign says at my gym.

P.S. D.H. (you know who you are), I know the struggle of dieting, but you hang in there. You are doing great! Best thing, you have an awesome wife that want the best for you and is there helping you along the way by preparing the best foods for you. (HalleluYah for awesome wives for the husbands.) !!Squirrel!! Anyways, like I said, you are looking great and doing a great job for yourself. Stay with it.



YahKheena said...

Shalom! It was nice to come across your blog, I'm a member of messianic keepers at home community and noticed your button thought I would hop on over and take a look.

My girls are reading the Helen Keller story and it has ignited a desire in the to learn sign language.

Each of them order a sign language book just last week and are on pins and needles to get it.

Like you, I too have decided to make a change in my food choices.
I'm eating about 80% raw with very little cooked whole foods.
I started this endeavor Dec 12 2010 and at my four week weigh in I had lost 15 lbs. I have a private blog about my journey, if your interested I'll send you an invite. The reason I went private is because I really just didn't know if I wanted to share it with everyone. However, I believe I'll make it public in a few months.

Please feel free to visit my blog, there isn't much going on right now as I'm having a very busy season.

I'll be back to visit, I've enjoyed what I've read thus far.

May Yah richly bless you and yours

Spice Tree Music said...

hey amanda!!! I love you sister, great to find your blog! Thanks for this I'm about to embark or starting to embark on the journey of a lifetime! YAYAYAYAY!! Pray for me...

Mommy Set Free said...

Hello Amanda!

I am tickled to find your blog! We need to find each other in person, will you please contact me? We live too close to not be connected better! You can always find me at Messianic Keepers at Home or my email address is on the my blog. I am looking forward to knowing you better!



I know it is not easy to lose but discipline is of the Father and that will please Him. I love the poem wrecker of homes. May Abba give us the grace to be in the number of loving our husbands. HalleluYah!!