Tuesday, December 14, 2010



It's been very nippy here in Southern Tennessee. Around here the highs have been in the mid-20's. Of course, we all know that is well below freezing point.

In the winter, we normally leave our water running on really cold nights like last night. However, last year we installed a new shower. It isn't just any shower. It was completely designed by...YOURS TRULY.

Our shower is like one you might find in a campground shower house. It is very large, 4' x 6'. I really love my shower. (Squirrel) Anyways, I asked for the showerhead to be on the opposite side of the room and so it was installed there. I also wanted one knob instead of two. Looks nice. Very nice. However, if nights get cold and I choose to leave the water running, I have to leave it almost full blast to have the hot running as well. Not happening. Two problems there. Because of that, the shower water is now frozen. *SIGH*

We have water everywhere else so we aren't completely without water. That alone is a reason to shout """""""HalleluYah!!!!"""""""""

We are praying the pipes thaw with no damage to them. I'm sure all will be fine. I'm a very positive person and think of the best in every situation.


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