Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vain Traditions

At last! A tool for Messianics to freely distribute to those questioning the contradictions between the practised Christian traditions and the Commands found in the Word of YHWH. This book will be the definitive resource tool for those exploring the pagan roots of Christianity!


Ever since our initial realizations that the Christian religious traditions we had been practising nowhere resembled that of what the Messiah taught and practised, and that the large majority of the traditions were pagan in origin and assimilated into the true belief via Roman Catholicism, we had sought to expose them all in one format and although the internet is by-and-large the easiest way to do this and is easily editable, it is quite apparent that there are a large number of people who do not have computers and the like and this information really needed to be layed out in a book format for all to access.

Up until now there have been a couple of books that have partially exposed the vain traditions within Christianity, eg. Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola, Come Out of Her My People by Chris Koster but there is a desparate need to fill a gap with a clear, concise well illustrated and documented book backed by Scripture for Messianics worldwide to distribute to those with ears to hear...


It is our desire to make this book free to those who cannot afford and print and distribute entirely from donations of those who can afford. We know that material for believers CAN be printed and distributed freely in accordance with the Torah and that of the early assemblies (Acts 4:32).
"And the group of those who believed were of one heart and one being. And no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had all in common."

(Acts 4:32)
If you feel you have no need of this book yourself, please consider donating so those who are ignorant of this information can come out of darkness to light. Without the help of fellow Messianics these books cannot be printed. This book is to be a witness to the entire world for the lost tribes of Yisra'el - those wanting and seeking truth!

Help get this information into their hands...


The book is to be titled: 'VAIN TRADITIONS' and will cover most topics including:

- The Name of YHWH and the Messiah,

- The Sabbath,

- The Torah/Laws,

- Holidays vs. YHWH's Appointed Times,

- Pagan Romanism and sun worship and

- Most of the invented doctrines held by Christians.

As you can see from the cover artwork, work has already been begun on this project and therefore we are calling for donations now so that it can go straight to print as soon as the work is complete.

Be assured that every penny donated to this project will be spent solely on printing and shipping...

Get in behind this imortant project to provide a resource for all those questioning the vain traditions within their belief system.

The greatest resource to a believer is the SCRIPTURES themselves, but many Christians have been raised with a biased mindset and there is also a large amount of history to be uncovered that sheds light on Christian tradition.

It is our goal to fill this book with many topics exposing the vain traditions of Christianity using a large proportion of Scripture... There is only ONE TRUTH - "Thy Word is Truth!" (John 17:17)

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