Monday, May 4, 2009

Dinner Under $.75 a plate

Chicken & Dumplings (chicken on sale) --------------4.00
Mac & Cheese---------------------------------------1.39
*Potatoes* (free from seed potatoes)-----------------.00
Total cost -------------------------------------------$5.99

Oh, by the way....there is enough food left for me to send Jeff a plate to work and for us to have for lunch tomorrow. So, I will figure the cost on how many plates I can get out of this one meal (with everyone getting a small second helping.)

Grand Total of ------------------------------------- $.62 per plate

*We bought 20 lbs. of seed potatoes for the garden. After cutting off the eyes, I ended up salvaging 2 gallon jugs of peeled potatoes. We can get three meal per gallon. That is what you call frugal.

I challenge you to find ways of saving!!


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