Saturday, May 9, 2009

Encourage Your Spouse

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Marriage relationships are fascinating to me. I love watching how couples treat one another and how they relate to each other. When I observe other people's relationships, sometimes I learn a lot. I learn what attitudes I want to exhibit more of within my own marriage relationship and I also see harmful behavior that I want to stay away from. One thing I am learning not only from observation but also through growth in my own marriage is how crucial it is to encourage your spouse. It is amazing to me how we can treat other people better than our own husband and/or wife at times.

I hate it when I see someone belittle or be critical of his or her spouse in a public setting. It personally makes me feel uncomfortable to witness the situation and I'm sure it brings embarrassment to the person being ridiculed. On the other hand, when a husband or wife says something flattering about their spouse or stands up for them in front of others, it is such a joy to see their smile or blushing cheeks knowing they felt encouraged from the comment. Witnessing public behavior is the reflection of private behavior.

You see; we have the power to build up or tear down our partner. We need to use that power responsibly to enhance our marriage life instead of adding tension to it. I know that when my husband builds me up in front of others, his comments go miles within my heart. But if he were to make a comment that put me down, I would be crushed.

As a wife, sometimes my attention can be so focused on giving my children what they need that it is easy to forget that my husband needs motivation, encouragement, affirmation and understanding also! I desire that for myself so why wouldn't he? And I find that when I get into a pattern of delivering kind remarks or gentle attention, he will reciprocate those attitudes to me. When I get stressed and irritable, that same mood is contagious.

Marriage relationships do take work and effort at times. The glory of
encouragement is that it is so simple to offer, yet so rewarding to receive. And it's one of the best communication tools we have in expressing our love for our mates.
So find some time today to encourage your spouse and give them some positive input that will affect the whole mood of your marriage. You both will feel closer because of it.

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