Saturday, May 9, 2009

Table Manners for Little Ones

This is from Home Dissertations,
Domestic Life, 1890
by Mrs. E. Stevens Tilton

In silence I must take my seat,

And give God thanks before I eat;

Must for my food inpatience wait,

Till I am asked to hold my plate.

I must not scold, nor whine, nor pout,

Nor move my chair nor plate about;

With knife, or fork, or napkin ring,

I must not play, nor must I sing;

I must not speak a useless word,

For children should be seen, not heard;

I must not talk about my food,

Nor fret if I don't think it good;

I must not say, "The bread is old,"

"The tea is hot, " "The coffee cold."

I must not cry for this or that

Nor murmur if my meat is fat.

My mouth with food I must not crowd,

Nor while I'm eating speak aloud;

Must turn my head to cough or sneeze,

And when I ask say, "If you please;"

The table-cloth I must not spoil,

Nor with my food my fingers soil;

Must keep my seat when I have done;

Nor round the table sport or run;

When told to rise, then I must put

My chair away with noiseless foot,

And lift my heart to God above,

In praise of all his wondrous love.

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