Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bargain Day

I had to take my mom to the doctor today and it is located next door to the Dollar General Store. So, I went shopping while she went wee wee in a cup. LOL. Anyhow, I found a 75% off aisle and started digging. I think my total was less than $13.00 and I got the following:


3 bird houses

Reg $3.00

* I paid $.30 each*

(my sister collects bird houses - I guess I could save this for Christmas)


3 beautiful picture frames (each one has "FAMILY" etched in the border of the frame –

Reg $6.00

* I paid $1.50 each* (I can always give them as gifts)


2 large serving bowls

Reg $1.50

* I paid $.45 each*

(I can never have too many of them)


3 butterfly nets

Reg $1.00

* I paid $.25 each*

(My son love to catch bee and other flying bugs and he has a friend coming over today so what better to get for two little boys than some 25 cent bug catcher nets)


2 double packs of Mr. Clean erasers

Reg $1.50

* I paid $.75 each *

(I love those erasers. They can clean anything)


1 picture for a boy’s room

Reg $3.00

* I paid $.30 *

(I hung it up in Nick’s room)


1 sugar canister

Reg 2.00

* I paid $.75 *

(I didn’t need a new one, but it is nicer than the one I have and for that price…I couldn’t resist)

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