Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our Homeschool Curriculum

A lot of the time, a new homeschool mom seeks out curriculum based on what others use. I recommend using what works best for you and your children. However, I am listing what we use and what we have found that works best for our family.

Math- Used math textbooks from the early 2000's (free from a neighboring county Board of Ed.)

Spelling- Used spelling textbooks from the early 2000's (also free from the same place)

Reading- Used textbooks from same time period, same place, and same price...FREE!!

English- Used textbook from neighbor. She retired from teaching last year and gave me her books. I will not reveal her precious age, but I will say that she was my 7th -8th grade English teacher.

Science- Abeka science. I needed something that did not involve evolution. Although, we do use the library for the biggest part of our study. (We do not have a sit down science lesson everyday. We try to do a book lesson at least twice a week. We spend lot of time studying bugs, trees, weather, chemistry, economics, etc. on a daily basis in our everyday life.)

History- Although we do own history/geography textbooks, we learn mostly from library books. I read to my kids every night, so I use that time to read nonfiction books of interest. I remember when my daughter did go to government school. Each week, they would have a reading story and probably 2-3 library books to read each week. We try to read 2-3 books about any particular subject so that I can make sure they get plenty of info. We try to tackle 3-4 subjects each week. Sometimes the subjects go in order, sometimes they do not. Tonight we may read about Abraham Lincoln, tomorrow we may read about landforms. Lately, we have been on Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, and other pioneers. We are learning about Davy Crockett's death at the Alamo and where he once lived in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. We do live in the next county over and visit the Davy Crockett State Park several times each year.

Math, English, and Spelling is an everyday thing. It is the same day in and day out. We use the textbooks and do a lesson or two everyday. There is little fun and excitement involved it that. So, that is why we break out of the box on science and history.

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