Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fishing With Papa

Our fishing trip with Papa.

Daddy waiting on a bite.

CJ waiting on a bite.

Daddy was pretending to eat a raw fish.

Nick waiting on a bite.

Papa and CJ getting their lines ready.

Papa caught the first fish of the day.

Nick's first fish of the day.

Papa baiting his line and Nick waiting on the next bite.

CJ's first fish of the day.

Daddy was too busy repairing broken and baiting lines to do much fishing.

Papa is trying to get as close as possible without falling into the water.

CJ caught a fish.

Daddy casing his line; CJ taking lessons.

At the end of the day,

CJ caught 2 and Nick caught 5.

They love to fish and

we love to spend time with them

doing things they enjoy.

They didn't want to leave when we did,

so we will go again Monday,

Memorial Day.

Friends, please remember how important it is to spend time with your little ones,

while they are still small.

Value the quality time, not the quanity of time.

Take care, friends.

I need to go wash fish slime from my hands.

Love, Amanda

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