Monday, May 14, 2007

Today's Schedule

Here is my day so far.
Got up
Got dressed
Made bed
Picked up my bedroom
Washed face
Swish and Swipe front and back bathroom
Started breakfast
Ate a nice breakfast with my beloved husband
Cleaned up kitchen
(Beloved went to bed)
Wiped down kitchen cabinets, chairs, pictures, stove, refrigerator, and door facing
Swept kitchen, mud room, and back porch
Folded load of clothes, put more in the dryer, and put another load in washer
Children got up
Cleaned their bedrooms
Washed faces
Ate breakfast
Cleaned up their mess
Fed the dogs, cats, and hermit crabs
Now, outside jump roping

Details for mid-day:
Children will come in and start their chores
Put some beans in crock pot and mix up batter for cornbread
Vacuum the living room, my room, office, Nick's room, bathroom, and CJ's room
Dust entertainment center and mantle
Mop kitchen, mudroom, front bathroom
This afternoon:
Get ready for Nick's baseball game (we all have to be ready by the time Jeff gets up)
Then, BALL GAME time!!
Okay, the dryer just sounded. I need to get the next load of laundry out and folded.

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Calandra said...

Keep up the good work.