Sunday, February 11, 2007

20 Ways to Bless Your Husband


1. Slip to the ladies room and freshen yourself up a bit before your husband returns home from work. This lets him know you care about what he thinks of you appearance.

2. When your husband comes home from a long day of work, meet him at the door with a smile, hug, and a sweet kiss. This lets him know he has been missed.

3. Inquire about his day. This lets him know you are interested in what he does.

4. Let him sit a while and rest from his long day of work. This lets him know you appreciate what he has been doing all day.

5. Save your "Honey Do List" until a time when he is much more rested.

6. Have a healthy and tasty meal ready for at least on cooking.

7. Remember to keep the dishes washed up during dinner preparation to keep there from being so many after dinner.

8. Make sure your home is clean. IMHO, no one likes to come home to a dirty house. If you are a stay at home mom, then there is really no excuse for having a dirty home. I am not saying it has to be spotless, but it should be picked up so your husband doesn’t have to walk over things to get to the couch or recliner.

9. Make sure your home smells nice. If you do not have time to scrub on a daily basis, at least spray some scented Lysol to kill the germs and put a nice smell in the air. My husband loves a good smelling house. He likes to have candles lit for the soothing light and the nice smell or scented Lysol in the air. Normally be the time my husband arrives home, we have already got all the house work done and the smell of cleaning solution is decorating the air. He loves that.

10. Make sure to keep the kids quiet for a bit. They have all day long to run and play outside. Let them be loud then. Prepare the home to be peaceful when your husband returns from work. Remember though, don't keep yelling at the kids to be quiet. Train them to keep noise down and play a bit quieter during the evening.

11. After dinner, clean up promptly. It's nice to have the kitchen cleaned up so the rest of the day is yours.


12. When it's bath time, run your husband's bathwater or shower. My husband prefers a shower because we have a standup shower, but when your husband is sore and tired, it's nice to be able to relax in a tub with hot water and Epson salt. That’s great for aching muscles.

13. Lay his clothes out for after his bath. This is something our daughter likes to do for her daddy. She will lay out is clothes on the chair and place a sweet note on top of them. I'm sure he enjoys being pampered by not only his wife, but his children as well.

14. Catch him sitting with his feet propped up and massage them while looking in his eyes with a smile on your face. That is, if he doesn’t fall asleep. **SMILE**

15. Do your computer activities some other time. Your husband needs your time after spending all day with his co-workers.

16.Make sure to lay his clothes out each night and make sure everything he needs each morning is together and easily accessible for those mornings when he can hardly open his eyes and find his own things. Actually, it will help your morning routine run more smoothly if you lay everyone’s clothes out the night before.


17. Set your clock a bit earlier, get up, prepare a hearty breakfast, then go and wake him (or wait for him to come in from work since my husband works the night shift). That is if the great smell doesn't wake him first. My husband loves to wake up to the smell of turkey bacon, eggs, gravy, and biscuits. When I get up early enough, I have plenty of time to fix his favorite style of eggs. Over easy (without breaking the yoke-YIKES.)

18. When he leaves for work, never forget to tell him you love him. When my husbands leaves, those are the last words I want him to hear from my mouth.

19. Starting your day earlier helps you accomplish more. You can get the cleaning done earlier, get school done earlier, and have plenty of time with the family.
Prepare healthy smacks for you children and husband to easily access. My husband works third shift and never gets up in the afternoon at the same time. So, if I am preparing dinner, he likes to snack on a little something while he waits. Prepare a bowl of bite size carrots, apple slices, bananas, ect.

20. Lastly, my husband loves dessert after dinner. So, each morning I prepare one of his favorite desserts for after dinner. IMHO, nothing smells better than cooking the chocolate filling for a chocolate pie in homemade pie crusts. That’s both of our favorite dessert.

I pray this list helps you to please your husband. Remember, they were not created for us, but us for them.


Anonymous said...

What a nice page! I put in a search for How to Bless Your Husband and your page came up. It is so true. If more women but their pride to the side, and lifted up their husbands, they would know that it in fact leads to being treated as God Intended. With Love, Respect, and more time alone with our husbands. I hope you continue to keep up with your page in this new year.

Susan said...

I, too, did a search on 'bless your husband' and found your post. I really like it. Thanks!

Amanda Gowan said...

Thank you both for your comments. I pray the website is a blessing to many mothers/women.


Anonymous said...

I just found your post. Thank you for sharing all of these great ideas on ways to bless my husband.

lyndsey said...

this is really great! thanks for writing this

Amanda said...

HalleluYah. TY.