Monday, February 12, 2007

3 Months Worth Things To Do For Your Husband

Below you will find 3 months worth of things to do for your husband. Do them over and over.


Try doing these things each day for your husband, and watch your marriage grow!





  1. Dress up in a nice outfit just to greet him at the door when he comes home.

  2. Get Debi Pearl's book Created To Be His Helpmeet and start reading it today.

  3. Request his opinion about something you might not usually request his opinion about. Thank him for his opinion and do not criticize it at all.

  4. Give a comment of appreciation for something well done.

  5. Give him a hug for no apparent reason.

  6. Make a good meal for him. Put effort into making something he will really enjoy!

  7. Thank him for doing a simple task today.

  8. Keep your house clean. There's nothing more distracting and unpleasant than your husband coming home to an unkept house. Remember, along with caring for the children, that is in your job description. If you balance out your time and energy you should be able to do this adaquately.

  9. Spend some time cuddling him.

  10. Give him a foot massage.

  11. Look up the word RESPECT. Now show it to him today!

  12. Pray for him right now. You should be praying for him every single day.

  13. Let go of something that bothers you and give it to God.

  14. Send him flowers, or drop off a rose in his car while he is working. If that isn't possible, make sure to have pretty flowers on the table during dinner.

  15. Take him on a surprise trip (overnight?)

  16. Pray for him. Send him a note or e-mail telling him you did this.

  17. Ask him what pleases him and what could make you a better wife in his eyes. Oh, don't get angry when he actually tells you!

  18. Iron his clothes.

  19. Chart your menstrual cycle and the days that you are most grumpy. Make a list of the true qualities about your mate and husband, and look at this list when you are feeling grumpy to remind yourself what the truth is.

  20. Choose to turn the TV off and to avoid TV shows, movies, books, etc., that give poor and inadequate descriptions of what your husband and your marriage ought to look like.

  21. Look up verses about your role as a wife.

  22. Do not complain about anything today. Remember, you don't want to be like dripping rain (Proverbs 27:15)

  23. Think about the friendships that you have--which ones positively influence your marriage and which ones don't? Pray about this, and then make some changes.

  24. Think about 1 or 2 issues that usually come up in your arguments. Spend some time praying about these things today.

  25. Work hard at making your home a place of rest for him.

  26. Read Proverbs 12:4 and meditate on it.

  27. Look into going to a marriage conference (one hosted by Michael and Debi Pearl or other couples that teach your biblical place in the marriage.)

  28. Think about something on your schedule you can drop to spend more time with your husband. (phone and internet time)

  29. Take him on a picnic! If it's cold out, have a picnic on your family room floor!

  30. Put a love letter in his lunch box.





  1. Schedule a date for your husband that you plan for him!

  2. Make a weekly menu. It will save some of that hard-earned money. Then show him your savings.

  3. Make dinner pretty tonight. (Ideas: Candles, a table cloth, etc.)

  4. Think about practical ways of making your husband your #1 priority (above the kids and everything else!). Set some goals for yourself.

  5. Plan something fun for your husband to do with a christian brother to encourage his spiritual growth.

  6. Take a little time to read about how Jesus treated others (in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) and treat your husband the same way today.

  7. Make a yummy dessert for your husband.

  8. Do something off of his to do list today.

  9. Read the Song of Solomon with him today.

  10. Think about his birthday and what you will get him or do for him.

  11. Play a game together.

  12. Do not ask anything of him today.

  13. Take time out on the couch with him today.

  14. Offer him time alone in the garage, or time alone to read a book.

  15. Participate in one of his favorite recreations with him--fishing, golfing, game-playing, etc. Think about it

  16. Do not complain about your life today at all.

  17. Randomly give your husband a big hug today!

  18. Encourage him to do something fun with a spiritual brother.

  19. Before talking about anything else tonight, ask him how his day went and listen intently.

  20. Spend some time praying about your role as a wife, and pray that God would lead you each day.

  21. Pray with your husband before going to sleep tonight.

  22. Do not utter one breath of criticism today. Hold your tongue!

  23. Look up the word "Verb" and remember that LOVE is a verb.

  24. Read the Proverbs 21:9. Meditate on it.

  25. Wake up and offer to pray for his day before he goes off to work. Make sure to get up early enough so that he isn't late.

  26. Thank him for doing a simple task today.

  27. Send him a note in the mail today (to be delivered at his work, or even at home), telling him how much you love him. Decorate it like you may have done for your buddies in junior high!

  28. Give him a back rub.

  29. Make him a candle light dinner.

  30. Thank him for going to work today.





  1. Think of all the ways he is your "hero" or knight in shining armor. Make a list and share it with him.

  2. Go to No Greater Joy and read through ALL of their Wife/Mother articles immediately.

  3. Let go of something that really doesn't matter. Pray about it and give it up to God.

  4. Let him know that you love him unconditionally. Look up the word "unconditional."

  5. Give your husband 5 compliments today.

  6. Thank your husband for doing the yucky jobs around the house.

  7. Do whatever you can to make sure your home is picked up and you look pretty for your husband when he gets home today.

  8. Don't intervene in the way he does things. Let him have his own style.

  9. Go on a walk together and hold hands.

  10. Take the word NEED out of your vocabulary when speaking to your husband. Ex. You need to take our garbage, you need to do this or that.

  11. Look up the word CONTROLLING. Make sure that you are not controlling!

  12. Set out clothes for him to wear to work tomorrow--make sure they are freshly laundered and ironed. Extra idea--put a note in the pocket to tell him how much you love him!

  13. Look through your wedding photos or watch your wedding video and remember the positive events and feelings that surrounded that day (do NOT focus on anything negative).

  14. Keep in mind today that the only thing you can control is YOU.

  15. Remember that Jesus sacrificed Himself for us. Practice living like him in your marriage today.

  16. Read Proverbs 31. Then duplicate the trait of that woman.

  17. Be the sunshine in your husband's life today. Make him smile, give him an encouraging word, and give him a hug.

  18. Make your husband glad that he came home to you today. Give him a big hug and a kiss. His favorite place in the world should be at home.

  19. Think of one of your flaws today (not one of his!) and thank him for always putting up with it. Then, do your best to work on making it better.

  20. Play footsies at the dinner table.

  21. Read Proverbs 25:24 and Proverbs 27:15.

  22. Call him at work today just to tell him you love him. Do not complain about your day, just tell him you love him and focus on him.

  23. Plan a date for him today. Go somewhere he would like to go.

  24. Make sure that he gets to sit at the head of the table every night.

  25. Give him a back rub.

  26. Write down all of the reasons you adore your husband, and show this list to him.

  27. Look up the word GIVING, and make sure you are a giving wife. Remember, you are HIS helpmeet, not the other way around.

  28. Spend some time praying about your role as a wife and ask God to lead you each day.

  29. Wake up early to make his breakfast (if you don't already.)

  30. Make him laugh today.


I pray this list blesses your heart.





Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I was doing an internet searh for "nice things to do for your husband" and all of the results were just sexual things. I wanted to do more than that, things that would make him feel valued and truly express my love for him, then, like a beacon your blog and your 3 month list appeared and as I read it I was soooo blessed just to be thinking about doing all of those wonderful nice things for him. He works hard and loves me so much, these are perfect. I like that there is a Christian perspective on it also as I am trying to be a biblical wife (not always successful). thank so much for posting. :-)

Shalene said...

Just like the last comment said, most articles you find on the internet to please your husband have to do with sex. I was very happy to come across your list and I love how you put things like "don't be controlling" and "don't complain about your life." My mother wasn't so supportive to my father and I am always afriad of treating my husband the same way without realizing it. I see a lot of women treat their men without respect, (in public no less!) and it breaks my heart. I can tell that you've thought a lot about your marriage and I bet you have a happy husband. Thank you for suggestiong the Dr. Laura book, it's an extension of your blog and I am looking forward to learning more about making my hubby happy. I do want to say, not that it matters, that I am not religious but the proverbs you listed can be used to guide women of all faiths. Thank you for such a wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this list!

nina said...

i'm getting married soon and i cant wait to do all of these things for my husband! thank you for making the list i was looking for!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just went through very trying times this past month... it hurt very much but we found the way and we love each other more than ever and we have grown and matured from it sooo much... It's AMAZING like being born again into the marriage... I can not put in words the feeling that I have towards him at this time in my life... it is absolutely incredible... Today he brought me flowers at work JUST BECAUSE... he got dressed up and everything... and the funny thing is that I was trying to figure out what I could do that was very special for him... and he beat me to the punch... so I decided not to procrastinate about it anymore, so I started looking online waht to do for my husband... and I found your blog... Thank you very much... you are an OUTSTANDING blessing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love my husband and believe we have a fantastic marraige. I want to do something nice for him to show him how much i care so i have come across your website. Although i have read that it has helped some people which is fantastic, i feel that comments such as "Make sure that he gets to sit at the head of the table every night" are demeaning to women. I love my husband and would do anything for him but to imply that he is the head of the household is shocking. We are both equal in this marraige. Fallon

Amanda Gowan said...


I am sorry you feel that it is demeaning for your husband to be the head of the house.

I, as well as many, have to live my life by what the Bible says, not man. The words of Yahweh (the Lord) are freeing.

Ephesians 5:23 says, "For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the Church: and he is the saviour of the body.

nina said...

if a woman finds making her husband the head of the household "demeaning", that would imply that she finds her "meaning" in life comes from being EXACTLY the SAME as a man.

i love all the subtle differences between men and women, and i feel they should be celelbrated. i love my femininity and although it is not EQUAL to masculinity, it is just as VALUABLE. men could not and would not want to live without their wife's feminity!

sitting a man at the head of the table, for example, shows him that you notice his masculinity and strength, and his natural leadership qualities- not that you think you are less valuable!

i love this list, any man would be lucky to have this woman as a wife!

Joy said...

Thank you very much, this is the best I have come across so far. We women complain a lot about our relationships, but we fail to realize that if God is not part of it, anything, it is going to fail, and it will fail. No exception. In everything we do, God must always be an intergal part of it. Once a gain thanks, I really needed this.

Kristy said...

What a wonderful woman you are! I am a strong Christian as well, and honestly I have realized how much my crazy mood swings have affected him and I feel horrible. I want to be the wife that God wants me to be. I was just praying about it, and felt like I should go online and found your blog. Thanks for being such a good example!

Laura said...

Thank you so much for this! I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon it. It's just what I needed.

Chloe said...

I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. These sorts of comments send women back to the 18th century and give men all the power. We have moved on from the Bible and this is not the way that marriage is supposed to be anymore, otherwise no one would get married!!

Libby said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. Times have moved on from the bible. Men and women are equal and keeping the home tidy and raising children is just as much the mans job as it is the woman. Why should the woman have to wait on the man like a slave? If a man did not treat me equally I certainly would not be marrying him. A woman with a strong career and strong mind does not have to feel inferior to men