Monday, February 12, 2007

Hope Chest Items

Here are some ideas for things to put in your daughter's hope chest.

Your Sewing Basket


What goes into a well stocked sewing basket? Does my daughter REALLY need one?

Whether your daughter is blessed with a sewing machine or not, a sewing basket is a must! With a well stocked basket at hand, any sewing needs are easily taken care of and fun projects are within easy reach. There are so many beautiful sewing baskets available today in retail stores - but consider making your own. Once a young lady has learned how to turn an unused basket, old cookie tin, or cigar box (cardboard pencil boxes work well) into a sewing basket, she has the ability to make another when her's wears out. She may also be able to bless others with a handmade gift (a sewing basket) that is easy to make and welcome in nearly every home.

As time permits, I will put many examples of homemade sewing baskets on a webpage, and the directions for making each one. Before you invest in an expensive sewing basket - either wait until they go on sale for 50% off (this usually happens twice a year in most fabric stores) or create a special and unique basket just for you!

Now...what do we fill it with?

The following are suggestions only. You can add additional items or not include items listed below. This is YOUR basket and will be as personal as the person who owns it! Whatever you decide to include, always take the time to keep your basket tidy and well cared for - this will pay off in great dividends when working on future projects! There is nothing worse than a messy sewing basket with tangled and twisted threads when you need to do a short bit of sewing...

All items with a * before them are items you should have on hand without a doubt...

  • * Spools of Thread - at least a dozen in common colors. Make sure you have a large spool of white, black and navy thread.
  • * Scissors - good quality steel shears will last for decades.
  • * Trimming Scissors - smaller 3-4 inch length scissors with a pointed tip.
  • * Seam Ripper
  • * Tape Measure
  • * Wide Assortment of Needles (a needle book or holder is a wonderful edition to any sewing basket!)
  • * Pincushion with Emery Bag (needle sharpener)
  • * Embroidery Hoop
  • * Skeins of Embroidery Floss - in assorted colors (you will need this for projects in our lessons)
  • * Beeswax Ball or Beeswax in a Plastic Holder (found in the quilting supply section)
  • Thimble
  • Bodkin
  • Chalk pencil for marking
  • Assorted sizes of safety pins
  • Sweater repair hook (or very small crochet hook) to repair snagged knitted items
  • Needle threader
  • Stitch witchery or heat-n-bond or another strip iron-on type glue-bond
  • Assorted snaps, hooks and eyes
  • Sewing gauge
  • Tracing paper and wheel
  • Glass headed silk pins (will not cause runs in fabrics - excellent choice!) or another set of pins
  • Small jar or container for storing buttons

As your skill increases you will find you are adding more items to your sewing basket - this is wonderful and exciting as it shows your are learning more and more! Enjoy your sewing and the lessons to the right!


• Family Heirlooms
• Adopting Antique Items
• Creating and Using an Item to be Used and Handed Down
• Some Simple Ideas
• Books
- A Family Bible
- Family Pictures and History Scrapbook
- Childhood Books
- Cookbooks
- Inspirational Books
- Practical Books
- Historically Accurate Books
- Religious Books
- Ethnic Books
- Personal Picture Book of Your Child
• Recipes
• Linens and Household Items
- Linen Items
- Pillowcases
- Sheets
- Dresser Scarves and Table Runners
- Kitchen Towels and Dishcloths
- Kitchen Accessories
- Aprons
- Tablecloths and Cloth Napkins
- Miscellaneous Linens
- Afghans and Throw Blankets
- Bathroom Towel Set
- Rugs
• Quilts
- The Friendship Quilt
- The Scrap Quilt
- The Theme Quilt
- The Wedding Quilt
- Baby Quilts
- Wall Hanging Quilts and Mini Quilts
- Throw Quilts
- The Memory Quilt
- The Last Word
- Quilts for Non•Sewers
• Cradles
• Baby Items
• Practical Items
- Sewing Machine and Accessories
- Sewing Basket and Accessories
- Crochet and Knitting Items
- Kitchen and Cooking Items
- Medical and Herbal Supplies
- Home Repair Equipment
- Furniture and Home Accessories
• Favorite Childhood Toys, Clothes and Personal Articles
• A Child's Scrapbook


Will post more later.



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