Monday, February 12, 2007

It's okay to break your schedule sometimes.

I know that some of you thrive on being on a schedule. Some of you couldn't function if it weren't for that schedule stuck to the wall or refrigerator. I don't have to look at a piece of paper, but we do have a schedule. We enjoy keeping to it and getting things done in a timely manner because of it.

Normally, I rise and start breakfast before Jeff returns home each morning. This morning was a bit different. He called and told me not to start breakfast and don't wake the children. For some reason, he must not have been very hungry. I was wondering what the problem was the whole time. I thought maybe he wanted to "talk." However, I didn't let on. He came in and ate a bowl of cereal, then I started to feel badly because he worked all night he came home to a bowl of cold cereal. Well, he had no problem with that since he only eats cereal about once or twice a month. He went to the bedroom and asked me to lay with him until he fell asleep. I thought that was so sweet. He told me that all he wanted was to "cuddle" since we rarely get that time.

So, the kids slept until noon, and so did I, and my beloved got to fall asleep with his arms around his Valentine.

I am very blessed.


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